The Project

Imagine a place... that can bring about an innovative difference to your life where you can nurture your dreams and breed thoughts in a peaceful atmosphere.... An intelligent design that empowers freedom of thought... A coveted location that inarguably provides you wings...And the thoughtful amenities UNVEIL A VISION TO FLY at "MARI GOLD" - a perfect integration of luxury and serenity.

"MARI GOLD" presents life as an enchanting poetry scripted from the magnificent hues & patterns of nature.

There is a timeless, mystical charm pervading city's tranquil ambiance. In this land of peace, existence is truly in harmonized with nature that's a perfect blend of nature and aesthetics.

"MARI GOLD" is the harmonized style in the residential excellence. 3&2 BHK plans nestled is blossoming environment located in breathe easy pristine surrounds giving you a salubrious ambiance view.

The Developer

Vaishno Mata Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. aiming to be an inseparable and essential part of living of many modern citizens and to make a holistic contribution to elevate modern lifestyle in Bhubaneswar and other cities of Orissa.

Flat no Type SBA
101,201,301,401 3 BR 1398 sft
102,202,302,402 2 BR 1048 sft
107,207,307,407 2 BR 1076 sft
108,208,308,408 3 BR 1398 sft
Flat no Type SBA
103,203,303,403 2 BR 1076 sft
104,204,304,404 3 BR 1398 sft
105,205,305,405 3 BR 1398 sft
106,206,306,406 2 BR 1048 sft