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All type of columns, beams, lintel, chajja and RCC slabs, etc. in sub structure and super structure shall be with M - 20 grade of concrete walls - 10" exterior and 5" interior walls of first class K.B Brick Masonary.


Flooring for all internal area of the duplex shall be of appreciable size or super quality vitrified dirt free glossym, semi glossy tiles.(Semi glossy tiles of 18" x 18" in Living and Dining room, high glossy of 16" x 16" in Bedrooms and mat finishes in Toilet,Kitchen room and Balconies).


Glazed tile on wall cladding up to a height of 7'0". European W/C in all toilets with cistern in each toilet. Wash Basins,Face mirror in alll toilets and dining hall, one Geyser point in each toilet. All CP fittings shall be of Reputed brand.


Individual Septic Tank

* Changes in specification at the request of the client is possible, at the sole discretion of the Builder & on payment of differential cost.

  • 30 Wide Main Road and 20' wide branch.
  • Vastu Complied.
  • Individual bor well and OH Tank.