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  • The project is located at one of the developing area of Bhubaneswar.
  • Engineering and management colleges like KEC,CIFA and BRM are close to it.
  • Historical famous tourist place Dhauligiri is near it.
  • Various residential housing projects are going on around it.
  • The value of the place is increasing day by day.

Payment Schedule :
On Booking. 10%
On Allotment. 10%
On Completion of Plinth Level. 25%
On Completion of structure work and roof slab casting. 20%
On Completion of brick work. 20%
On Completion of flooring & plastering work. 10%
Before physical procession & registration. 05%
Terms & Conditions :
  • Cost of application from (width brochures & CD) / Booking amount Rs.500/-(Non refundable) in shape of A/C payee Cheque / DD in favor of Gadachandi Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
  • No interest will be paid by the company to the purchasers against advance payment / Installment / Application money / Booking Amount.
  • Deep bore well for 24 hours water supply.
  • The customer / purchaser shall be responsible for paying installment with in fifteen days of every month in the form of A/C Cheque / DD in favor of Gadachandi Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Registration charges including stamp duty and allied expenses shall be borne by the customers.
  • All disputes are subjected to Bhubaneswar Jurisdiction only.
  • Bank charge / Commission, if any on Cheque / DD shall be borne by the customer.
  • Company will provide required documents for bank loan.
  • The company shall not be held responsible for any loss caused by any act of nature or act of the state.
  • The company reserves the rights of accepting or rejecting any or all applications received without assigning any reason.
  • 5% discount shall be provided upon receiving onetime payment of the total cost of unit(s) before foundation.
  • Penal interest - if the stipulated amount is not paid within the prescribed time, a penal monthly compound interest of 5%shall be charged on defaulted amount borne by the customer. The company there after reserves the right of cancellation at its sole discretion.
  • Surrender / cancellation - In case of surrender / cancellation, the amount deposited shall be refunded to the applicant without any interest after 90 days and within 120 days of receiving the cancellation / surrender application. The company will deduct 10% from the deposited amount towards establishment charges.
  • Time of completion - The construction work of the project shall be completed within 28 months of booking.
  • Possession - Possession of the flats / units shall be provided to the purchaser, on or after the remittance of the complete stipulated amount.
  • Escalation - Absolutely no price escalation will be considered after booking for regular costumer.

**Terms and conditions mentioned may change as per the scheme selected by the customer. The terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement / application forms shall be final and binding.